About us

The origin of this motorcycle club, which is formed by a big group of friends who loves motorbike, goes back to 1976 where we started creating the Tourism section inside of Moto Club Valladolid. The next year, as Turismoto motorclub, we organize the first International Motorcycle Meeting called HIPO 77 (Hypomeeting) in Simancas, one of the first in Spain when these kinds of events were few.

The Moto Club Valladolid was followed by Turismo motorclub, also known as “Piñoneros”, which was renamed Turismoto, in 2016 to create La Leyenda Continúa Motorclub and continue with the Winter Meeting.

For this long career of more than 42 years, and successive clubs, which has been updated with the continued incorporation of new partners, as well as its famous international meeting, has organized many events and motorcycling activities including: uphill races, speed races in urban circuits, regularity rallies, gymkhana, motorcycle tours to the province, routes through Castilla y León, as well as photography and short story contests with a motard theme, lectures, exhibitions of classic and old motorbikes , of the motorcycle in the cinema and edited a book, as well as having participated in different motorcycle salons, and many other activities.

The Motorcycle Meeting is our main event, which we have not stopped organizing since 1977, going through the concentrations of Simancas, Cabezón de Pisuerga and the Dominicans of Arcas Reales, until in 1982 we changed the heat of summer to organize the first winter meeting “Pingüinos” for 34 consecutive editions, which after being held in different locations in the province of Valladolid, culminated in 2014 in the pine forest of Puente Duero (Valladolid), because the 2015 edition was suspended due to location problems.  In 2016 we start a new age and The new project of La Leyenda Continúa in the town of Cantalejo (Segovia), where we have found a "nest" that meets the necessary requirements for an event of these characteristics and the appropriate facilities, as well as a large pine forest for camping to receive the thousands of bikers who make a winter trip to meet that weekend, sharing their experiences and their food around of fire, as they have been doing for many years.

There is no shortage in the timetable the routes and excursions to the friendly towns of the area, which have an important cultural, gastronomic and landscape interest, as well as the Great New Year Festival Biker, the parade of torches tribute to deceased bikers, the Greeting to the World Riders in the Turegano Castle, the lecture of great travelers, the adwards, the night concerts, and most important of all, the coexistence and solidarity, and the good atmosphere in this great celebration of the true fans.




Moto Club La Leyenda Continúa, calle Capuletti 67,

47008 Valladolid (España)

PHONE: 00 34 650 817 757

EMAIL: infolaleyendacontinua@gmail.com



“The Meeting of the motorcycle riders”





Thursday 9th January 


16:30 - 23:23 - Registration and Trophy Classification (Registration Office and Classification Office)

20:00 - 24:00 - DJ concert (La Leyenda Plaza)

20:00 - 21:00 - Welcome Drink (Caseta de Caldo/Soup Stand)


Friday 10th January 


08:00 -23:00 - Registration and Trophy Classification (Registration Office and Classification Office)

10:30 - 23:00 - La Leyenda Broth is served (Soup Stand)

12:00 - 13:30 - Optional Ride to Carrascal del Rio. Visit an historic blacksmith's forge and enjoy an aperitif. 

12:00 -          Inauguration of the Conference Arena (Conference Marque)

                  'Desafio Ancho es Castilla Rally' Inaugural speech (A New Rally throughout Castilla, Spain starting in                          Avila))

12:20 -          Talk by Juan Carlos Toribio IMU ( Conference Marquee)

16:00 - 22:30 - Collect cup and pinenuts for the Motorbike New Year's Eve Party (Caseta de Recuerdos/Souvenir Stand)

17:00 -           Talk by Gustavo Cuervo and Luis Oromi (Conference Marquee)

17:30 -           Talk by Ricardo Fité (Conference Marquee)

19:00 -           Talk by Josín Castro and Roberto Naveiras (Conference Marquee)

19:00 - 20:30 - Optional Ride to Turégano, Aperitif in the Town Square 

                   "Salute to the brotherhood of the moterbikers worldwide"

                   Firework Display, Flares and Music illuminated by paper lanterns -  (Turégano Town Square and Castle)

21:00 -           Reception 'Desafio 20" (20 Challenge).  Classic Vespas and Mopeds (Main Entrance)

22:00 -           Concert : Los Skull

23:45 -          Motorbike New Year's Eve Party (bring your cup and pinenuts) Toast in the New Year with Palacio                             de Bornos sparkling wine

0:15 -            Concert - Gin Tonics Band


Saturday 11th January 


07:30 - 10:00 - La Leyenda Breakfast (Breakfast and Supper Marquee)

08:30 - 21:00 - Registration open

08:30 - 22:00 - Trophy Classification open

10:30 - 23:00 - La Leyenda Broth served (Soup Stand)

11:30 -           Association of Handicapped Motorbikers Presentation (Conference Marquee)

12:00 -           Scenic and Historic Rallies Presentation (Conference Marquee)

12:30 -           Talk by Ricard Tomás and Chema Hernández

                  "Kirguistán" book Presentation by Sonia Barbosa(Conference Marquee)

12:00 -14:00 - Optional Ride to Sacramenia. Aperitif.  Optional visit to the PreRomanic Saint Marina and Saint Martin                       churches 

13:00 - '20 years Stunt Show' Emilio Zamora (Sacramentia)

13:00 - 'Women's Moped Challenge' Reception (Main Entrance)

13:30 - Talk by 'Mc. Bauman' Fernando Bautista (Conference Marquee)

17:00 - Talk by Maria Calera and Ramon Pradera on the present and future campaigns and projects (Conference Marquee)

17:15 - 'Leyenda del Oro 2020' (Gold Legend 2020) prize giving and Press Conference by Xavier Mir and Andrés Pérez Rubio (Conference Marquee)

17:30 -  '20 years Stunt Show' Emilio Zamora (Cantalejo Centre)

18:15 - Talk by Gustavo Cuervo and Luis Oromi (Conference Marquee)

19:30 - 22:30 - Dinner (Pre registration required) (Breakfast and Supper Marquee)

21:00 - Torchlight Procession (meet in the Town Square)

21:00 - Registration Office closes

22:00 - Concert - El Canto del Bobo

23:30 - Awards Ceremony and Motorbike Raffle, and other prizes (La Leyenda Plaza)

0:15 - Concert - Inhumanos


Sunday 12th January 


07:30 -10:30 - Breakfast served (Breakfast and Supper Marquee)

10:30 - La Leyenda Closing Ceremony (La Leyenda Plaza)

            Access the following link to calculate your route to the Concentration of             La Leyenda Continúa